Adult Christian Education Classes

New Christians experience the excitement of growing spiritually through the Word and fellowship. Those making re-commitment to Christ discover the strength in having a good foundation in the Word.
Director: Godfrey Ukohwith several facilitators
Spiritual Maturity 220 NLW  
A study of the book of Romans from the work book, Romans: Finding Freedom in Christ by G. Raymond Carlson.
Teachers: Bobby Earl Jones and Larry Young
Defending Your Faith 218 NLW
Curriculum for this class is, The Bait of Satan by John Bevere. You can be delivered from the bait of Satan, stay free from offense and escape the victim mentality.
Teachers: Dr.Ronald Romick and Vivian Cox-Montgomery
Married For Life210 NLW
What Husbands and Wives Aren't Telling Each Other by Steve and Annie Chapman. What is the greatest challenge of your marriage? What is your greatest concern regarding financial health? What do you and your spouse do for fun? As you explore these and other vital topics seldom discussed, your marriage will become deeper and more fulfilling.
Teachers: Dr. M'fon Cyrus-David and Carlos Miller
Intercessory Prayer I. Prayer Chapel
Continuous prayer the same time as the service.
If God has called you to an intercessory prayer ministry, join others in prayer for the church, its leaders and for God's will in the lives of His people.
Leaders: Jackie Green and Charmaine Bailey
Light Bearers 201 S&Y
Study Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph to see how obedience to the Lord and submission to His will for our lives bring blessings for us and our families.
Teachers: Bode Faleye and Ebi Komonibo
International Bible Study 209 S&Y
Bible study with an African flavor. All are welcome to this predominantly African fellowship of believers who are adopting the English language and the American culture. An Assemblies of God Quarterly Bible Study.
Predominant language spoken in class is Igbo.
Teachers: Young Anyanwu and Chizaram Onwuelezi

Building Healthy Families 206 S&Y
The book of Acts. Jesus left His followers with a mission, and the Spirit of God moved mightily through them to fulfill it. This study of Luke's account of how the gospel was carried from Jerusalem to Rome--despite every conceivable obstacle--will challenge you to know and live out your mission in the world.
Teachers: Ray Fredericks, Joe Wix and Matthew Emokpae
Men of Promise West Conference Room
A study of the book of Hebrews, the book used for this class is the Bible.
Teachers: Dr. Louis Browne, Ernest Solomon and Larry Smith
Higher Calling Singles' Chape
Join this class as they study the books of I Peter and II Peter as Peter talks about Christian Discipline and Christian Dilligence.
Teachers: Ron Benoit, Mark Szydlowski, and Marsha
Women of Power 212 NLW
Curriculum for this classis The New Testament Made Simple by Melton Short. This study is an easy survey of the New Testament.
Teachers: Beth Edwards, Betty Vines, and Frankie Solomon
Intercessory Prayer II. Prayer Chapel
Are you called to be an intercessor? If so, we invite you to join us in prayer for the church and its leaders. Continuous prayer the same time as the service.
Leader: Maxine Johnson
Power for Living 216 NLW
This class is studying The Bait of Satan by John Bevere. You can be delivered from the bait of Satan, stay free from offense and escape the victim mentality.
Teacher: Chris Hudson
Alpha & Omega 218 NLW
Join this group for a study of Jesus in the book, Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore.
Teacher: Jean Milheim
Bridge Builders Church Library
Join this class as it studys the book of James. The book used for this class is the Bible.
Teachers: Revs. Ernest and Margot Zilch
Freedom in Christ 214 NLW
A study of the book of Romans in the book, Romans: Finding Freedom in Christ by G. Raymond Carlson. This book examines the apostle Paul's letter to the Romans and introduces individuals to many of the theological concepts vital to the Christian experience such as original sin, sanctification, justification, faith, redemption, and the Atonement.
Teachers: Alex Savory and Willie Powells, Jr.
Choir Class 11:30 AM Orchestra Room
Curriculum for the class will be When Bad Things Happen toGood People by Harold S. Kushner. Harold Kushner wrote this book for people "who have been hurt by life," to help them find a faith that can aid in getting through their troubles, rather than making things worse.
Teachers: Anna Etuk & Veronica Soto
Wednesday - 7:00 PM
A Journey Through The Word 216 NLW
Curriculum will be Willmington's Guide to the Bible.Study practical and useful biblical background information for everyone. The book covers the Bible in its entirety. Curriculum will be completed in several quarters..
Teacher: Jean Milheim
Jesus Revealed In Jewish Culture 207 NLW
A study of the book, The Anti-Christ by Hilton Sutton and the book of Isaiah. Nothing has created more of a stir in recent times than the discussion of the future events, and in particular, the Antichrist. With the help and the authority of the scriptures, we will discover the Biblical identity and characteristics of the Antichrist.
Teacher: Jay Afinni
Believers In Recovery Support Group 218 NLW
The goal of this class is to help participants regain or maintian balance and order in their lives through the 12-Step Recovery Program using the Word of God. Support also provided for Grief Recovery.
Facilitator: Justin Alfred
Woman 2 Woman For Women Only 210 NLW
A study of I Give you Authority by Charles H. Kraft. This book shows how to properly exercise the authority we have been given through the Holy Spirit.
Teachers: Shirley Moore, Anastacia Lopez and Lorna
One Heart, One Mind 214 NLW
The Anointing by R.T. Kendall. Don't let your past ruin what God has for you today. Learn to wait patiently for God's perfect timing.
Facilitators: Jackie Green and Sunny & Gloria Erorh
Rev. Dr. Darlington Ndubuike, Pastor Adult Ministry And Pastoral Care
Address:10611 Fondren Rd.
 Houston, TX 77096