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Feature Article:

Membership Matters

*The following is an excerpt from Christianity Today, making the case for why Church Membership matters, written by Ed Stetzer.

Biblical Membership

Why do we have membership? Because regardless of how the culture sees it, or Christians misunderstand it, membership is not simply an opportunity to say, "I'm a part of a club, but rather a scriptural expression of covenant-connectedness to a church."

There are three things that help us understand why church membership is biblical and important... 

(source: www.christianitytoday.com)

We see in Book of Acts, that the early church was a tight-knit community that met regularly and was committted to each other. Now, in today's culture, membership into a group signals a clear shift from dabbling, and even participation, to ownership. It is a two-way commitment between yourself and the Braeswood Church family. 

As a member, you belong to the church family, and will be fully invested into the life and mission of Braeswood Church through your time, talent, and treasures. At the same time, Braeswood Church better understands who is committed to that mission, and who to count on for needs and key decision-making.

The MEMBERSHIP PROCESS involves 3 steps for the prospective member:
  • Attend our Pastor's Newcomers Class. 
    This 4-week class is as interactive as it is, also, informative. Sessions are designed to help you get acquainted with Braeswood Church, to learn how to grow in your faith, and to discover how God can use your spiritual gifts in His church. To sign-up for the Pastor's Newcomers Class, click HERE.
  • Complete a Membership Application.
    During the last session, you will be asked - if you've not completed one - to fill out a MEMBERSHIP application. A Membership Application provides us with information about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and involvement at Braeswood Church, or prior churches you have been a part of. It will also include the following:
    1. A clear testimony of salvation.
    2. Believer's Baptism by Immersion.
    3. Serving.
    4. Agreement with our Statement of Faith and Bylaws.
  • Get to Know You.
    Upon completing the application, you will be contacted to meet at a convenient time with a "membership coach," which will be a member of either the Braeswood staff or Deacon's Fellowship. This is a valuable opportunity for you discuss areas of clarity, including: what salvation through Christ means; what church membership entails; and, how you can thrive spiritually at Braeswood Church.
We'll take it from here!
At this point, your membership coach will recommend your membership to the Deacon's Fellowship, or suggest additional steps for you to consider taking prior to your membership. On the first Sunday of every new quarter, the Campus Pastor will officially induct new members.