Our History

Braeswood Assembly had its beginnings in a tent revival in downtown Houston in 1943. Reverend A. L. Samford led the tent meetings. Attendance was so good that the congregation banded together and constructed the first church in 1944. In 1948, Pastor N.L. White took over for Reverend Samford so he could fulfill his calling to the evangelistic field. The congregation moved in 1952 to their second worship center and later constructed their third worship center in 1960.
Pastor White retired in 1970 and Pastor Earl J. Banning became the new pastor of Braeswood Assembly. In 1974, the current worship facility was dedicated, and in 1987, the N.L. White Education Building was completed. Pastor Earl Banning served as senior pastor of Braeswood for 30 years and during this time the congregation enjoyed a growth in size from an attendance of 125 to a present worship attendance of over 2,500 each Sunday.
In 1997 a new era for Braeswood began. With Pastor Earl Banning announcing his retirement, a succession plan was initiated, electing Pastor Steve as the Co-Pastor of Braeswood for two years, then assuming the position of Senior Pastor in October 2000. Pastor Earl Banning then assumed the role of Co-Pastor.
Under the leadership of Pastor Stephen E. Banning Braeswood continues to be an aggressive church with a passion for the harvest. Braeswood continues to expand in ministry and outreach. With a commitment to The Word, Worship, Body Life and Commission, Pastor Steve looks toward the future with great expectation.
In 2014 Braeswood began a new season by opening the Braeswood Church West Campus located in southwest Houston at 14635 Branch Forest Drive off of Hiway 6.  What began as a small fledgling congregation the West Campus continues to grow and expand in every aspect of ministry and outreach.  Braeswood Church West Campus is poised to make a difference.
Pastor Steve communicates his passion for ministry by reminding the Braeswood Family often, "God has given us southwest Houston. God has strategically placed us here for this season. We must, and we will reach this city. We are not building a church. We re building the Kingdom of God."