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"I ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory — to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing Him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is He is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life He has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust Him — endless energy, boundless strength!" (Ephesians 1:17-19, MSG)

At Braeswood Church, we believe that growing in the knowledge of God, as a means of godliness, requires much more than simply attending a weekend service.

That, since, God has called every Christian to grow in their thinking about who He is, and what He is like, the church must be committed to equipping every worshipper with a well-rounded, scripturally-derived, steadily-increasing knowledge of God and His ways.

Therefore, in establishing various Connect Groups, o
ur vision is to see everyone grow in their knowledge of scripture, to develop a biblical wordview, and to be increasingly able to apply the Word of God to their lives.

I want to encourage you to take - seriously - the responsibility of your spiritual growth by enrolling in a Connect Group today. When you sign-up, a teacher will be in contact with you to personally welcome you and answer any questions you might have about the class.

Congratulations on taking a very-important step. We look forward to what God accomplishes in you, as well as through you, to build His kingdom.

In His Service,

- John Faleye, Campus Pastor

Sundays | 9:15 AM | Room #105

  • Current Series - Pathway of Discipleship, How to Grow in Christ's Character.
  • Overview - In this first course, in a series of 5, we explore the first two (of eight) Beatitudes taught by Jesus. First, we'll learn why successful Christian growth and endeavour should always come from an attitude of "THE POOR IN SPIRIT" (i.e., complete dependence on God). Then, we'll deal with "THOSE WHO MOURN," to discuss the value, meaning, and purpose of struggle in the Christian experience.
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Sundays | 9:15 AM | Room #107

  • Current Series - Teach Me to Pray.
  • Overview - Recent statistics reveal that the highest spiritual priority of most Christians is to improve their prayer life. This series is designed to help you understand and put into action the things Jesus taught about prayer. Using the Lord's Prayer as a model, you will discover how to take your prayer life to the next level.
  • Registration - To sign-up for this class, please click HERE.​

Sundays | 9:15 AM | Room #111

  • Current Series - Great Stories of the Bible.
  • Overview - We are reminded of faith and obedience as we study the experiences of Noah, Abraham, and Aaron. In the second half, we will discover answers to the deeper spiritual questions as we explore the stories of Nicodemus, Stephen and Priscilla.
  • Registration - To sign-up for this class, please click HERE.​

Sundays | 9:15 AM | Room #203/4

  • Current Series - Update pending.
  • Overview - Update pending.
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