Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
focus is the Young Adult Ministry at Braeswood Church
Our Passion
At this time in our lives, quite a few milestones are occurring at the same time:
We become legal adults, we move closer to actualizing our intended careers in school or in the workplace, we leave our childhood home, we start paying bills, and for many of us, we start to seriously consider whom God has planned for us to marry—if we are, indeed, to marry. This period can become stressful as we learn how to balance who Christ calls us to be with the very real responsibilities we hold as students, daughters, sons, employees, and light-bearers. Here are Braeswood Church, we believe that in a time at which so many things, good and bad, are pulling for our attention, God is calling us all to focus on Him. From a strongly-rooted relationship with Christ, we can then see how He orders our steps in the way we should go--occupationally, educationally, financially, socially, and yes—romantically.
Who we Are
We are a growing group of 18-35-year-olds who live in the Houston and Greater-Houston area and attend Braeswood church. We are blessed by a diversity of cultures and points of view. We believe that we should talk about what goes on in the world around us to see how we as believers can be the light in a dark world. We believe in fellowshipping over food, games, adventure, and even just deep conversation. We value a correct theology and deep discernment of scripture as well as an authentic experience of God’s love and transformation--way beyond just an emotional experience.
Our Vision
Our vision is to grow into a group of young adults willing to be vulnerable, close, and accountable to each other. We aim to be a community that guides each individual to focus their attention on what Christ says about us and has for us in a time at which many distractions abound. We aim to worship God genuinely with not just our diverse music selection, but the way in which we live our lives.
Join us, as we focus on Him together.
Meeting Times
Sunday Mornings at
10:45a.m. Room 202 in the Youth Building
Teachers: Patrick Ojo & Mariah Fishback-Lynch
Wednesday Night Fellowship
7:00 PM, Room 202 in the Youth Building
For More information Contact:

Pastor Dr. Darlington Ndubuike,
Adult Ministries Pastor/Pastoral Care Pastor
work: 713 490 6944

Joanna Cyrus-David
Singles Ministry Director