Our church is wholeheartedly committed to loving Jesus in every aspect of our lives. We believe in building a community centered on the teachings of Christ, and we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment within our local assembly. Our mission is not just limited to our congregation, but we also aim to reach out to those who may feel spiritually-disconnected from fellowship with Christ. Through our outreach programs, we hope to inspire and guide those in need towards a closer relationship with God. Our ultimate goal is to foster a community of believers who are passionate about spreading the love and teachings of Jesus to all corners of the world.

Our church is committed to the process of living out the teachings of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives, and in a way that helps others grow more aware of who He is by what He is doing in and through our lives. We strongly believe that surrendering ourselves to the lordship of Jesus allows the Spirit of God to freely work through each of us in order to achieve His divine purpose, which we believe is greater than our individual selves. And with God's guidance, we strive to create a lasting impact and to fulfill our divine purpose.