BK Preschool - Children ages 3 - 5 years old

Braeswood Student check-in Procedures details in the video below. To Preregister by Texting "Checkin" to 888-249-9836 or click on the link provided.
Pre-School. Elementary. Student ministry will be meeting @ 10:00am every Sunday starting January 17th. All Covid-19 Social distancing and Masks procedures will be adhere to. 
Video Link below: 
Check In Video
Small Group Bible Study 
Preschoolers learn best by doing.  By involving as many of the five senses as possible there is a 90% retention rate of learning. Our Christian Education's Bible Study Classrooms are interest centers designed with a contemporary approach to a traditional Sunday school setting.  
The environment's primary purpose is to educate and incorporate the preschoolers  language, cognitive, social and motor skills into an environment that appeals to the student and provides hands-on learning experiences for practical life applications. These hands-on activites provide gateways for the facilitator to introduce the student to fundamental disciplines of the faith such as worship, stewardship, fellowship, bible memory work and prayer.
Pre- School Chapel

Each week the students gather with their peers for corporate worship. The environment is charged with energetic songs of praise, bible memory work and interactive games to reinforce the lesson's objective.
Missions Education
Twice a year the students are introduced to missions through our Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. Students learn the fundamental meaning of missions and are inspired to - GO, PRAY AND GIVE!
Alexis Brown, Director Braeswood ECD.