Braeswood Assembly of God started as a tent revival meeting in downtown Houston in 1943, led by Reverend A. L. Samford. Due to the high attendance, the congregation built its first church in 1944. In 1948, Pastor N.L. White took over the leadership from Reverend Samford so that he could pursue his calling to the evangelistic field. In 1952, the congregation moved to its second worship center and later built its third worship center in 1960.

Following Pastor White's retirement in 1970, Pastor Earl J. Banning assumed leadership of Braeswood Assembly. His tenure was marked by remarkable growth, with the congregation expanding from 125 to over 2,500 weekly attendees. This period also saw the dedication of the current worship facility in 1974 and the N.L. White Education Building in 1987, underlining the church's commitment to its community.

In 1997, Pastor Earl Banning retired, and a well-planned succession was set in motion. Pastor Steve was elected as the Co-Pastor of Braeswood for two years, before assuming the role of Senior Pastor in October 2000. Pastor Earl Banning continued to serve as Co-Pastor, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining the church's momentum.

Under Pastor Stephen E. Banning's leadership, the church has continued to grow and expand its ministry and outreach, staying true to its core values of The Word, Worship, Body Life, and Commission. Pastor Steve's unwavering commitment to these values is a beacon of inspiration for the congregation. In 2014, Braeswood opened its 'West Campus' at 14635 Branch Forest Drive off Highway 6, marking a new season of growth and expansion for the church, a testament to its dedication to its mission and community.

On April 7th, 2024, Braeswood Church appointed Pastor John Faleye as the new Lead Pastor, marking the successful conclusion of the Pastoral Transition. This was the result of a well-executed succession plan that was set in motion in 2023, ensuring a seamless transition of leadership. Pastor Faleye served as Co-Pastor for one year, further solidifying the church's commitment to a smooth and stable leadership transition. With his vision of 'Love Jesus, Build People,' the church is poised to continue growing and serving its community under his leadership, inspiring a sense of anticipation and excitement among the congregation.