Environmental Learning Areas
The physical environment of the classroom is equipped with age specific resources and furnishings to stimulate learning for bible life classes. The spaces are arranged to encourage movement, exploration and structure in learning.

Environmental Health Awareness
To promote a health conscious enviroment children who exhibit the following symptoms, within the last 24 hours, will remain with their parents during church services.
Runny nose with cloudy or green mucous
Fever of 101.5 ( anytime during the last 24 hours)
Chicken pox sores are contagious until crusts have fallen off and sores are healed over.
Any contagious infections, such as ringworm, German measles, mumps and impetigo.
Colds, flu and ear infections are assumed contagious as long as a child exhibits symptoms.
(If needed, Licensed Health Care Professionals are on duty to verify questionable cases.)